Experience Manager

Use the Experience Manger to prepare an Experience Page, link your Experience to LAND on the map, review assets, verify version compatibility, and set access restrictions.


A new Analytics tab appears at the top left in the Experience Manager to provide data about your Experience traffic and your Experience page traffic.

Experience Publishing Quick Tutorial

Manage Your Project

Put all the pieces together in the Publishing phase now so your project is prepared to launch later this year, or sooner if you're approved for early launch access.

Enter the Experience Manager

To enter the Experience Manager, you must first have an Experience that has been created and saved in Game Maker. It will appear in your Inventory under Experiences on The Sandbox dashboard. There, you will click on the Experience to open it in the Experience Manger.


Launched Tab

Appears if you have already launched your Experience

Draft Tab

Appears if your Experience hasn't been published yet or if there is a new version you are modifying

Provides information about traffic for your Experience and its Experience Page

Action Buttons

On the left you'll find action buttons for new tools in the Experience Manager, the status for each, and a quick summary on the right for the selected tool. Use the links below for more information:

Developing features:

  • Experience Categories

  • NFT shop on your Experience Page

  • Data dashboard for high traffic Experiences (game analytics)

Promote Your Experience

We recommend promoting your Experience with an Experience page and publishing to the Map.

Once enough players have entered your Experience, an Analytics tab will appear on your Experience Manager page so you can gain insights into how to improve your Experience performance.

Create an Experience Page

Customise the look of your Experience Page with a map image, several trailers and videos, images, animated GIFs or WebP, and descriptive text.

Publish Your Experience Page to the Map Through Your LAND

  • Make your Experience visible on the metaverse map at your LAND’s location

  • Share the Experience’s unique URL with players and your community and start promoting it!

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