Access Restrictions

Use the Asset Restrictions tool to set a future launch date and NFT requirements for your Experience.

Ready to Set an Opening Date and an NFT Requirment?

Prepare to reward your community and monetize your content through NFT gating features β€” coming soon.

For the current version of this tool, it is possible to require a specific NFT or any NFT from a specific collection to be owned or equipped by the player in order to enter an Experience.

However, selling Assets on the Marketplace is currently limited to those with early access. More flexibility is in development.

Open the Access Restrictions Manager

Click on the Access Restrictions button in the left menu of the Experience Manager. Note the status is shown for the Access Restrictions in the Manager.

Press the Manage button in the details window to open it.

User Interface

Opening Date

In this section, you can set the opening date for your Experience to be playable. This can be set in the future, which automatically activates the Play button on your Experience Page.

Clicking on the Opening Date button will open a calendar tool to select the date and time you prefer, based on your time zone.

By default, your Experience has an opening date set to Same Day as Launch and open to everyone. If you request early access using the link in the Experience Manager, you can choose an earlier date in this panel and save changes.

NFT Requirement

Clicking the NFT Restricted Access button will allow you to enter a Token ID for a specific NFT the player must own to access the Experience OR choose a collection from the available list to indicate the player must own an NFT within it. This feature is also referred to as NFT Gating.

If an NFT Requirement is set, the Experience Page will show a See Requirements button instead of a Play button, which will open a window to give players more information and direct links to purchase the required tokens to enter.

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