🆕Experience Analytics

The Experience Analytics tool is a free page and experience analytics tool that helps creators better understand their experience’s and page’s overall performance.

The new Analytics tool provides data to understand historical traffic on your Experience Page and for your Experience so you can see:

  • What countries your players are from

  • How many people viewed your Experience Page and how many played your Experience

  • When your Experience had a peak of activity

Viewing Analytics

The Analytics tab appears at the top left of the Experience Manager page. The tab will only appear per Experience depending on its player metrics.

Create an Experience Page and link to it on social media, in livestreams, etc to draw attention to your Experience and increase the number of players.

Available Data

The Analytics page currently includes a Quick Info top bar as well as Experience Traffic, Page Traffic, and Geolocation charts.

This is the first version of the new Analytics tool. More features are in development to release in later versions.

Quick Info Top Bar

A quick overview can be obtained by looking at the top info bar.

  • Total Play time

    • Total time users have spent on the experiences since its release.

  • Average Session Length

    • The average time a typical visitor spend when joining your experience.

  • Total play sessions

    • The number of times all players have loaded and played the experience since its release.

  • Unique players

    • The amount of UNIQUE users who joined the experience to play since its release date.

  • Daily Active Users

    • The number of players who joined the experience in the last 24hs.

  • Monthly Active Users

    • The amount of unique players who joined the experience the last 30 days.

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