Content Guide

Prepare your Experience Page content in an optimal format.

Note that this information may change as self-publishing tools are refined.


Experience Page Banner

Where it will be used: 1. Experience Page 2. Home Experience Highlight 3. Map Premium Card Listing 4. Game Client Experience Loading Splash Screen

Minimum Resolution: 1920x1080

Maximum File Size: 10Mb

File Types: PNG, JPEG, JPG, WEBP



Main Video

Where it will be used: 1. Experience Page - Banner Play Icon 2. Experience Page - Projector

  • Must be uploaded to YouTube

  • Can't be set to Private

  • Can't be a Short Video

  • Can't be in a PlayList

  • No Length Limit

  • No Ownership Required



Experience Name

Where it will be used: 1. Experience Page 2. Experience Page automatic S.E.O. (Search Engine Optimization) 3. MAP SideBar: Proposed Experiences Names (to be confirmed) 4. Events Page: Experience List 5. Inventory: Experience List 6. Workspaces: Experience List (to be released) 7. Admin Menu - Experience List

Maximum Characters: 70


❓FAQs: Experience Publishing

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