Create an Experience Trailer

Your Experience trailer is a way to tell the story of your Experience, but it can also tell part of the story of a universe of Experiences or your brand.


Upload your trailer and add it to the banner or image carousel of your free Experience Page.

Trailer Types

This type of trailer will be the focus of this documentation since it explores using Game Maker to create footage.

In-Game Walkthrough

The easiest, fastest way to make a trailer is to record footage from the game itself.


Technical Specifications

1920x1080 or higher

1080p or higher

30fps (60fps is best)

Record video clips on a high quality device to ensure there is no lag in your trailer.

Design Recommendations

Length: At least 30 seconds


  • Intro - game title/logo and studio/creator name (Optional: Include The Sandbox logo after your studio/creator name)

  • Gameplay clips - directly show gameplay or represent it clearly so players know what your Experience is about (Optional: Include a small The Sandbox logo in an empty corner)

  • Optional text and overlays - titles and graphical overlays to emphasise the action or characters of your game, assets that will be minted and sold on the Marketplace, etc.

  • Outro - studio/creator name (Optional: Include The Sandbox logo on the final screen)


  • Ensure many players are in the video if it's a multiplayer Experience

  • Avoid too much traveling with flycams


Camera Shots Using Game Maker

Speed Building in GM

This is sometimes useful for a gameplay trailer, but most often used for a "making of," or dev diary video. The steps below create the illusion of decisive, quick building.

  1. Build a scene

  2. While recording, deconstruct the scene without moving the camera

    1. When removing blocks, have the same block selected so it appears natural

    2. When removing assets, lift them vertically before deleting so it feels "picked up"

  3. Reverse the video to make it appear like it is being built and objects are naturally placed, remove any long pauses, and increase the speed

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