GM Compatibility Check

Use the GM Compatibility Check to verify your Experience is saved in the right version of Game Maker for the correct format.

Update and Save in 0.9


The GM Compatibility check button appears if your Experience needs to be updated to be compatible with the new 0.9 Game Client software.

It is recommended to:

  1. Duplicate your Experience so you have a baseline comparison

  2. Open the duplicate and test in 0.9 to see if there are any unexpected differences

  3. Make adjustments to align with your expected gameplay and save

  4. Launch the duplicate as your new Experience

More Information

The Sandbox introduced Game Maker 0.8 in early 2023 to begin migrating Experiences to a new format compatible with synchronised multiplayer logic. It automatically converted many behaviours and components when opening an Experience and saving in the new format.

Since then, Game Maker 0.9 has also been released with new features, including a Game Rules system for more dynamic gameplay. It also introduced a revamped user interface and powerful new tools.

Both versions have introduced important new behaviours and components such as light, weather, avatar teleport, NPC Sensor, and more to make your Experience more exciting and interactive.

See 0.8 Patch Notes and 0.9 Patch Notes for specific details regarding each update.

TEST THOROUGHLY Some changes to the parameters of behaviours or components may occur, and some logic may not perform exactly as before in order to improve their stability, functionality, and compatibility with other logic and systems. It is highly recommended to thoroughly test your Experience to ensure it functions as expected before launching if you need to update.

Open the GM Compatibility check

Click on the GM Compatibility Check button in the left menu of the Experience Manager. Note the status is shown for the GM Compatibility Check in the Manager.

Press the Manage button in the details panel to open it.

The Download GM 0.8 button is available for your convenience to update to the latest version.

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