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About Launching an EXPERIENCE

Can I get my Experience to appear in a LAND owned by The Sandbox?

Maybe. You need to contact our representatives and tell them about your request.

Can I launch my EXPERIENCE all by myself?

Yes! You can launch any experience in your inventory. You can make it yourself or you can hire a company or developer. If you hire someone else, make sure the experience is transferred back to you so you can launch it.

What do I need to launch an EXPERIENCE?
  • The experience needs to be present in your inventory.

  • All the ASSETs used to make the experience must be yours, either as an NFT you bought, or an asset that you created with Voxedit.

  • You need to own any kind of LAND big enough to fit your experience. The same logic applies to ESTATEs.

  • All the mandatory fields present in the EXPERIENCE LANDING PAGE EDITOR need to be filled out.

Can you describe the launching process?

Every Experience has a launching hub with actions to complete in order to activate the Launch button. To open the Experience Manager, click on any Experience present in your Inventory on The Sandbox website.

  • The Experience Page Editor is a complete and simple tool allowing you to create and edit a full web page dedicated to your Experience. The actions listed below are required before the launch of your Experience.

  • Asset Review: check the status of all the assets present in an Experience (this task is mandatory).

  • Map Location: specify the location of your EXPERIENCE on the MAP. You can select a LAND, a combination of adjacent LANDs, or an ESTATE (this task is mandatory).

  • Access Manager: set up several access control methods, including gating access to your Experience with any NFT from a collection (must be equipped if it's an Avatar) or a specific NFT, such as a piece of wearable equipment. This is optional. You may also gate access to certain gameplay in your Experience using the new NFT Sensor component.

Once all the Pending actions are completed ("Ready" in green background) the Launch button will be enabled automatically. Click this button to launch your Experience.

See our full documentation about publishing your Experience.

Do I have to follow the launching steps in a specific order?

No, you can do it at your own pace. The steps do not need to be performed in order.

What happens to ASSETS I created but did not publish yet?

To launch an EXPERIENCE, all the ASSETS in it need to be Public. You will be notified if you need to change the status of assets after pressing the Launch button. You will then be asked for confirmation to publish the ASSETs automatically.

Can I change the location of my EXPERIENCE after launching it?

Yes, but you cannot change the location while it is launched and open. To move it, you will need to close your experience and then launch again in a different location.

Can I change the EXPERIENCE LANDING PAGE after publishing it?

Yes! Please note that any change you saved to a published page is visible instantly.

Can I change the Access Restrictions after the launch?

Yes, anything you change to the Access Restriction rules will apply in minutes.

Can I block a country from accessing my EXPERIENCE?

Not yet! When the Sandbox app version 0.9 is released, you will be able to set up a GeoBlocking configuration easily with the new ACCESS MANAGER update.

Can I launch an EXPERIENCE made with The Sandbox Game Maker 0.7?

No, you can launch only Experiences made with the Sandbox Game Maker 0.9. All the 0.7 Experiences are deprecated, but can be updated to a newer version by opening in the new version, updating and saving. We highly recommend to duplicate your original for a baseline to compare to. Find ways to integrate the newest features of Game Maker to make the most exciting gameplay for your Experiences.

Can I launch an EXPERIENCE made with The Sandbox Game Maker 0.8?

Not yet! The 0.8 Sandbox app client software used to run the experiences is not yet released. As soon as this software is distributed to the community, all your 0.8 launched experiences will be playable instantly.

Can I Launch my Experience but leave it closed until a specific date?
  • YES! You can set up an opening date from the access restriction tool.

  • If the specified opening date is set in the future, every player will not be able to join the experience to play until that day.

  • A coming up with a date will appear over the play button in the page.

Can I locate an experience bigger than 1x1 in the map without owning an Estate?
  • Yes! You can do it if you buy enough LANDs in the same disposition as your Experience size. Having adjacent lands in your wallet enable a special tab called COMBINATIONS to appear in the Location tool in the Experience Manager.

  • A combination appears only when the lands are touching each other by a side, and also in the required Experience shape. Example: a 3x1 experience requires 3 adjacent LANDS to be in the wallet of the experience’s owner.

  • Take in consideration you need to purchase adjacent LANDS with the same shape as the Experience you are trying to Launch. A 3x1 experience will not be able to be located in a 1x3 shaped combination of lands.

About Closing an EXPERIENCE

What happens when I close my experience?

The experience will not be available any longer. After closing you will need to launch it again to make it available in the map.

Does the EXPERIENCE LANDING PAGE get unpublished when I close my EXPERIENCE?

Yes, the EXPERIENCE LANDING PAGE gets unpublished when it is closed.

Will I lose all the original setups and configuration when I close my EXPERIENCE?

No, we work hard to keep every change or modification you make in any of the tools.


Can I publish a web page in sandbox.game myself?

Yes, we created a simple-to-use EXPERIENCE PAGE EDITOR to make it as easy as possible to build a great web page.

Can I publish my EXPERIENCE PAGE before launching the EXPERIENCE?

Yes, as soon as you've got all the mandatory fields filled out, you can publish your EXPERIENCE LANDING PAGE. You can find the Publish button in the EXPERIENCE PAGE EDITOR.

Can I unpublish my EXPERIENCE PAGE?

Yes, you can find the Unpublish button in the EXPERIENCE PAGE EDITOR.

What can I use the EXPERIENCE PAGE for?

The EXPERIENCE PAGE is the main source of information about your EXPERIENCE. You can show off your art, hint at the narrative and story, and showcase the characters. You can use the page to attract interest from the ecosystem of The Sandbox players.

What do I need to do to build an EXPERIENCE PAGE?

To publish an EXPERIENCE PAGE you need to fill out the mandatory fields in the EXPERIENCE PAGE EDITOR:

  • Name of the EXPERIENCE

  • Short description of the Experience (used for search engine optimisation, or SEO, and in many experiences lists in The Sandbox)

  • Long description of the Experience

  • Map thumbnail of your EXPERIENCE

  • Banner

  • Loading Screen splash image (new)

  • Experience thumbnail (to be uploaded directly in the Experience manager)

What kind of content can I add to an EXPERIENCE PAGE?

Be creative! You can add any kind of trailer uploaded on Youtube and high-quality images for your images carousel. You can also add long descriptions with embedded images such as Webp or animated GIFs and more.

Can I share a published EXPERIENCE PAGE?

Yes, there is a Get Link button in the editor and in the Experience Manager.

Can I edit a published EXPERIENCE PAGE?

Yes, any change you make in the EXPERIENCE PAGE EDITOR will instantly impact the published EXPERIENCE PAGE as soon as you click Save.

What else can I do with the EXPERIENCE EDITOR?
  • You can Preview changes done in the EXPERIENCE PAGE EDITOR even before saving.

  • You can define which video is treated as the main trailer. This video is launched from the banner play button.

  • You can format the content written in the long description: titles, alignment, bullet points, embed images and more to come.

Can I add a video file?

No, we only accept links from Youtube for now.

Can I add a Youtube video?

Yes, you can add several Youtube videos as long as they are Public and not in a playlist. YouTube Shorts are not currently supported either.

About the Map

Can my EXPERIENCE LANDING PAGE appear on The Sandbox MAP?

Yes! To do so you need to make sure the location is selected, and that your EXPERIENCE LANDING PAGE is published.

Can I add tags/categories to my EXPERIENCE so it gets found easily?

Not yet. The category system is a work in progress.

About the ASSET REVIEW Tool

What kind of review is done with this tool?

You will find 3 different categories here:

  • Ready assets (nothing to change)

  • Unavailable assets (in need of replacement using the Game Maker)

  • NFTs to Buy (NFTs currently in use in your experience that require purchasing by you).

Why does my ASSET (or NFT) appear in the Unavailable list?

The possible reasons behind an ASSET being unavailable are:

  • The ASSET has been banned by Sandbox Staff.

  • The NFTs used in the EXPERIENCE are no longer on sale on the Marketplace.

  • The NFTs used in the EXPERIENCE are on sale but out of stock.

What can I do to fix the ASSETs in the Unavailable list?

The only solution is to replace the ASSET by opening the experience in the Game Maker software.

What can I do to solve the situation with assets in the "NFTs to Buy" category?

You can simply purchase these NFTs from the author, or owners in The Sandbox Marketplace. You can also talk to the artist/author of the NFT to see if they can transfer the NFT to your wallet if you paid for the service.

More about the LOCATION Tool

Where can I buy a LAND in The Sandbox?

You can purchase LAND at our OpenSea link.

Can I add several EXPERIENCES in a single ESTATE?

Yes! The purpose of an ESTATE is to hold several experiences. When you select an ESTATE in the LOCATION list, you are redirected to the positioning screen where a tool shows graphically the structure of the estate and the available LANDs in it.

What kind of ESTATE exists right now?

You can purchase ESTATEs of 4 different configurations: 3x3, 6x6, 12x12 and 24x24.

If you can't buy an Estate, you can always buy a new LAND adjacent to any LAND you already own, and a new tab in this screen, called Combinations, will appear for you to use the adjacent LANDs.

Can I turn my EXPERIENCE 90 degrees in case it doesn't fit in the estate?

No, turning Experiences is not possible.

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