🟑Break Down Objects

When Do You Need to Break Down Objects?

Breaking down objects separates an asset made in the Modeler into multiple models, which can then be assembled in the Animator.

This process removes empty space from an asset and gives each model its own collision box, making it feel like it has more natural collisions in the game world.

It's also a great process for planning a rig for use in a compound or animated asset.

See Rig: Animator Skeleton & Viewport to learn about creating a rig in the Skeleton Panel.

Planning an Asset

You can start with Templates to save time on many assets you want to create, but sometimes you'll need to create a unique design from scratch. Many asset creators find it helpful to use the Modeler to build a "sketch" model for a compound or animated asset they plan to create in the Animator. Then it's easy to break it down into smaller models that can be assembled

Create Natural Collisions

Sometimes you'll need to break down a model into multiple smaller parts and build it as a rig in the Animator for a more natural collision in the game.


Depending on the shape of a simple static asset. it may have an unnatural colliders in the game world.

Solution: A simple static asset (left) is made from a model that can be broken down and reassembled as a compound static asset (right) with an identical appearance and tighter collisions.

Compound Static Asset (multiple models)

Breaking Down a Model

There are two quick ways to approach breaking down a model into multiple smaller ones:

Subtractive Method

  1. Clone your model in the library

  2. Select voxels you wish to delete, remove them, trim volume, save

  3. Repeat to create all needed models

Generative Method

  1. Open your model in the Modeler

  2. Select voxels you wish to save as a new model, open the Edit menu, choose "Save Selected Voxels," enter a name for the new model

  3. Repeat for all needed models

Polish and Assembly

Regardless of the method you choose to break down a model, every piece you create as a new model will have the same pivot point and volume box as the original. You will need to:

  • Trim volumes for every model

  • Adjust the pivot point for each model

  • Build a rig in the Skeleton Panel, drag and drop the models in place, upload to your Workspace, and test in Game Maker for color, collisions, etc.

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