🟑Create Smooth Angled Lines

When to Turn Your Model Into a Rig

You can build a simple entity in the modeler, but the design uses diagonal lines you may want to create a rig in the Animator instead to:

  • Optimize performance during play

  • Improve the appearance by removing distracting jagged edges

  • Create a tighter collision boundary for parts of your design so players can approach

In the example below, the jagged purple model has 240 faces and a collision boundary of 40x40x1, while the smooth green model that is linked to a rotated node in the Animator only has 6 nodes and a collision boundary of 50x1x1.

The same approach is used to create circular shapes, but it is best used with smaller assets or decorative assets to avoid creating unusual collision boundaries when players approach it in game:

🟑Circular Shapes: Cross Technique


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