Detailed guidelines, use cases and tips for creating furniture.

Type of Furniture

Here we will cover just some types of common furniture you would most likely use to decorate your experiences.

  • Chairs/ Stools / Benches /Sofas

  • Tables

  • Wardrobes / Drawers

  • Beds

  • Bookcase

  • Shelving units

This is one of the most common pieces of furniture and a simple one to create.

You can either create a chair just in the modeler or you can create over in the animator.

Creating in modeler

Pros - Easiest to create

Cons - Can have unwanted collisions

Creating in the animator


  • Can break asset down to have a tighter collision box

  • Can rig together multiple models to create a more dynamic asset


  • A little more difficult.

  • Can't add animation or will cause unwanted collisions

Size Guidelines

Avatars and medium humans are roughly 2 metres tall in The Sandbox Game. which is 64 voxels high.

For an avatar to sit on a chair the size dimensions we suggest are :

A seat height of A seat width of

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