Modular Architecture


Compound Asset - Animator

🟑 Medium


  • Multiple Models with tight collisions positioned and rotated to align perfectly with itself when placed as multiple objects (tessellating)

  • Includes at least one open area for player access, usually a surface broken into multiple models to leave a gap

  • Requires plenty of movement space (limit use of built-in furniture)


  • Flexible design applications

  • Exploration and quests inside

  • Visually attractive with smooth angled lines

  • Optimisation is important since structure assets may be used frequently in one Experience by level designers


Do not add animations to a building that players are meant to enter. It will create a collision boundary around the whole Asset.

The most essential part of the design is the opening for the player to get into the structure. To do this, you must break down a wall into smaller sections and leave an opening without a Model that is the same scale as a door (single or double). Do not include a door in your design. The level designer will add a door and logic so players can get through the opening.

Add 2D texture and some 3D depth, but keep in mind this type of asset is usually lower priority in the visual hierarchy of an Experience unless it is important to the story.

Use geometry to plan and create beautiful, innovative designs.

  1. Create a new project in the Animator and add a Control node in the skeleton on the left.

  2. Create a new VXM in the Library and open it in the Modeler.

  3. Create a 3D "sketch" of your Asset as this Model. Modify the collision boundary, create your asset, adjust the pivot point, and trim the volume. Save and exit the Model, then drag and drop it into the node you created.

  4. Use the "sketch" Model to guide the shape of your rig. You can select voxels and choose "Save Selected Voxels" from the Edit menu to create new Models or create new ones in the Library. Trim, adjust the pivot point, and position Models you create into a skeleton of nodes in the Animator. Keep the total faces below 5,000 and nodes below 175.

  5. To test the ability to use it multiple times like an interlocking piece of modular architecture, duplicate the control node for your project and position it where you intend it to interlock in Game Maker. Duplicate again to test in another position. You can easily delete the parent nodes you created and revert back to the original design. Test in Game Maker as well.


Follow Quality Guidelines to make the best version of your Asset.


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