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Technical documentation for creating Assets with VoxEdit.

​Languages for available documentation, software, and communities.

VoxEdit Update

New features trailer
New features overview (May 31, 2023)

Getting Started with VoxEdit

What is VoxEdit? What Can I Make?
Hands-on activities to learn faster


Guide for All Creators
Experiences & The Sandbox Ecosystem
The Sandbox scale, fitting content in LAND
Introduction to Asset types, Attributes, etc.
Player & custom Avatars
Look & Feel
Player perspective and immersion
Logic basics and possibilities
Creative Resources
Asset Guide
Find recommendations by asset type
Improve your asset's 3D & visual quality
Narrative, art, and level design resources

Technical Documentation

VoxEdit is a no-code software for creating Assets for The Sandbox Game. It allows you to create terrain blocks or create models, rig them together, and create animations. Templates are available to accelerate your creative workflows.
Assets can be used in Experiences you create in Game Maker. When the public feature is available to mint assets as NFTs, they may be monetised in the Marketplace for players and creators to purchase.
Create, use templates, or play
Navigating 3D space for play & edit modes
Block Editor
Basic VoxEdit tools to create terrain blocks
Simple entities, reusable in the Animator
Rig, link models, and create motion
Pre-built entity templates to create quickly
Introduction to Asset types, Attributes, etc.
Best practices for quality content
Manage your creations, test, publish
Change Logs
Enhancements, bug fixes, known issues
Anyone can create assets now with VoxEdit and use them in Game Maker, but selling assets on The Sandbox Marketplace is currently only open to the Sandbox Team, approved creators, and Partners. This option will be open to everyone in the future, so now is the perfect time to create an inventory of assets to mint and sell.

Creator Contests

Learn about Asset and Experience creative contests hosted by The Sandbox and our Partners so you can compete for prizes and build your creative portfolio.




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  • Ask for help (English) in the VoxEdit or Game Maker Community Discussions
  • File a ticket for a technical issue in the VoxEdit or Game Maker Support Channels
  • Find channels in other languages
  • How to join and claim roles
  • Basics to navigate Discord
  • Resources to stay safe on Discord and report issues