Block Editor Panels

The Block Editor includes panels specific to texturing and Block faces.


Block Sides Panel

This panel allows you to make changes to a selected side of your block as if it were an independent 2D image.

The edges of each face are shared with other faces. Any changes made in the Block Sides Panel will affect the shared edges of other faces.

Reuse Faces

One Block

Drag and Drop a face onto another face to replace it and flip or rotate as needed. This time saving workflow is similar to copying and pasting your work.

Multiple Blocks with Similarities

For each face on your Block, select a face and Export as a .PNG. When you're ready to create a new block with a similar design, create a new project in the Block Editor, import the .PNG files to each face, make modifications, and save.

TIP Import a .PNG image to a face for a reference you can re-paint or to generate a palette of colors for your project.

Material Panel

This panel allows you to customise a selected colour swatch in the Palette Panel using colour codes or by making manual adjustments. The colour preview is a rectagle outlined in white, which automatically adjusts as you modify a colour.

Modifying a colour swatch changes every voxel in your design where that colour swatch has been applied. This is a convenient tool for fine tuning the colors used in your block or model, and it can help you quickly create multiple versions of your block or model with colour variations.

Colour Match

Type RGB, HSB, or HEX codes and press ENTER to choose a precise colour.

Manual Colour Selection

Use the white triangle selector on the Hue Selection bar for the base colour. Then fine tune using the white circle selector to adjust Tint and Saturation. The colour preview will automatically adjust.

Emissive Colour

Emissive colours are often used for lighted buttons on panels, fire, and other luminous details. Using emissive colours does not create lighting effects on nearby objects when used in Game Maker, but level designers can use light logic to create that effect.

Colours may differ between VoxEdit, the Marketplace, and during play in Game Maker or the Game Client. Learn how to use colour for the best results during play in Colour, Texture & Depth.

Palette Panel

Click on a colour swatch to select it. This allows you to paint with it or modify it using the Material Panel.

There is a limit of 256 colours in the palette. If the palette is full, the add button will not be visible, and you will only be able to modify current colours.

Official Palette

Download the Official TSB Colour Palette (shown above) here. Left click to open, right click to save:

Learn more about Colour, Texture, and Depth.


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