Block Editor Viewport

The Block Editor has a filtered set of the full options available in the Modeler.

Viewport Features

The Block Editor viewport includes performance data for your device in the top right, a screenshot button in the bottom left, and orientation and view tools in the bottom right.

The front of your project is indicated by a large white arrow outside of the Block (oriented to the positive Z axis). Note the colour coded axes.


Orientation Tool

A cube in the bottom right will rotate to match camera movements to make it clear what you're viewing in 3D.

Change the view to 2D by hovering your mouse over a face on this guide to highlight it and then click it to select.

Viewing a block in 2D allows you to see how the selected face appears when tiled next to itself.

Return to the 3D view from a corner perspective by hovering the mouse over a corner and clicking it.

See Basic Controls & Shortcuts for more information about VoxEdit's camera controls.



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