Controls & Shortcuts

Here is a quick list of basic controls you can use to navigate your project in VoxEdit and many helpful shortcuts.

Within All VoxEdit Modules

The Block Editor, Modeler, and Animator are very different creative tools that include some of the same controls built into the user interface. Options in the dropdown menus vary.

File: Upload to Workspace

The file format differs between modules, but the process to upload all of your creations to your Workspace for testing, use in Experiences, and preparation for the Marketplace is the same.


Provides options to copy, cut, paste, and more. Options vary between modules.


Help redirects you to this VoxEdit documentation.


Feedback redirects you to a form to submit feedback or technical issues to our team.

Located in the top right of many VoxEdit panels, use this button to pop out the panel, resize it, and move it anywhere on your screen. Click it again to return it to its home.

Create an image of the current view in the Workspace in .PNG format with a transparent background. Adjust your camera position if needed.

The Shortcut Guide is a list of keyboard shortcuts mapped to tools used in each module, which varies. We recommend trying the following controls found in these guides to speed up your creative workflows:

Basic Controls

Quick Shortcuts Guide

Shift + H

Pan Camera

Right-click (Hold and Move)

Hold Alt + Mouse move

Rotate Camera

Right-click (Hold and Move)

Zoom in/out

Mouse wheel Up/Down

Hold Ctrl + Hold R-Click & Move mouse

Focus Camera


Use Mode + Tool Combination



Ctrl + S

Undo (up to 10 operations)

Ctrl+Z (Cmd+Z macOS)

Redo (up to 10 operations)

Ctrl+Y (Cmd+Y macOS)

Go Back


Select All

Ctrl + A

Delete Selected


Duplicate Selection

Ctrl + D (Cmd + D macOS)

Two Light Sources Offer Multiple Options

Adjust 2 light sources to see details better while creating and get a feel for how it will look during gameplay. Customise lighting for the perfect look when using the screenshot tool.

One light creates a shadow on the opposite side of the source.


Even lighting

Harder to see voxel details, but truer colour is great for painting texture

1 (either Light 1 or Light 2)

Strong shadows

More dramatic screenshots


Soft shadows

More clear colour in screenshots

Customise how sensitive camera movement is in relation to mouse movements for better precision.

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