Modeler Panels

The Modeler includes panels specific to texturing and volume.


Material Panel

This panel allows you to customise a selected colour swatch in the Palette Panel using colour codes, colour selector, or making manual adjustments. The colour preview rectangle outlined in white automatically adjusts as you modify a colour.

Modifying a colour swatch changes every voxel in your design where that colour swatch has been applied.


  • Fine tuning colour choice

  • Duplicating the swatch and testing different similar colour options

  • Creating multiple coloured versions of the same asset Example: a red gem, a blue gem, a green gem, etc.

Colour Match

Paste in or type RGB, HSB, or HEX codes and press ENTER to choose a precise colour.

  1. Click+hold your left mouse button on the colour selector button

  2. Drag the mouse over the colour you want on your screen(s)

  3. Release the mouse button to replace the selected colour swatch with the new colour

Manual Colour Selection

  • Hue is the colour base

  • Saturation is intensity

  • Lightness is:

    • ⬆️tint (whiter)

    • ⬇️shade (blacker)

This button switches the colour into a mode that creates the illusion of casting a glowing light from the asset when used in an Experience. Tip: To make an asset shine light on other assets placed in an Experience, use Light behaviour.

Use the white triangle selector on the Hue Selection bar for the base colour. Then fine tune using the white circle selector to adjust Tint and Saturation. The colour preview will automatically adjust.

Emissive Colour

Emissive colours are often used for lighted buttons on panels, fire, and other luminous details. Using emissive colours does not create lighting effects on nearby objects when used in Game Maker, but level designers can use light logic to create that effect.

Colours may differ between VoxEdit, the Marketplace, and during play in Game Maker or the Game Client. Learn how to use colour for the best results during play in Colour, Texture & Depth.

Layers Panel

This panel allows you to manage layers in your Model with the following options:

Palette Panel

Learn more about Colour, Texture, and Depth.

You can use multiple palettes on one asset in the Animator's Library Panel.


Click on a colour swatch to select it. This allows you to paint with it or modify it using the Material Panel.

There is a limit of 256 colours in the palette. If the palette is full, the add button will not be visible, and you will only be able to modify current colours.

If you load a different palette, the colors on your model will change based on the position of the color swatch in the palette.


Use the same palette for all models when you're making an asset with multiple models or you're creating a set of assets that should match, like an equipment set.

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