Modeler Tools Menu

The Modeler has the full set of modes available for each tool.

Tools Menu Buttons






Modify voxels in a rectangle from the perspective of the screen.

Modify voxels in an ellipse or circle from the perspective of the screen.

Modify voxels in a rectangular prism shape.

Affect a contiguous volume of voxels of the same colour. Voxels that only touch on their corners are not included.

Mode and Tool Combinations

A Mode is used in combination with a Tool shape in this toolbar, providing a variety of ways to create and modify your project.

The selected buttons are highlighted in the colour of your choice in Preferences under the File menu.


Click each tab to view example combinations. ⬆️


Select the surface colour of a block or model.

Set the Model's origin point, which determines how it is positioned and rotated in Game Maker and VoxEdit's Animator.

Pivot Point

The Pivot Point is the location that defines how the Model is positioned and rotated in Game Maker and VoxEdit's Animator.

If the volume size is adjusted in any dimension, the Pivot Point will also need to be adjusted.

Moving the Pivot Point


Select the Pivot Tool to reveal the location of the Model's Pivot Point. Left click and drag a colour coded arrow to adjust its location in the X, Y, or Z axes. Hold SHIFT to snap movement to 0.5 voxel increments.

Right Click the Pivot Tool button for two options:

  • Set to Floor - set the Y coordinate of the Pivot Point to 0 (drop it to the bottom center of the volume)

  • Set to Center - set the X, Y, and Z coordinates to be the exact center of the volume.

Pivot Tool menu options are only accessible by right clicking the button.

WORKFLOW TIP You will often need to move the pivot point to the center and bottom of a Model. Set to Center first, then Set to Floor for a fast workflow.

Rigged Assets created in the Animator combine multiple Models using their Pivot Points. The Pivot Point of a rigged Asset is the origin point of the scene where the 3 coloured axes meet, which is determined by the Asset's design in the Animator.

The volume resizer is a tool used expand the workspace box within the modeler. This tool is to create a fast and easy way to edit the workspace for your models.

The Frame Tool is used to select a rectangular area of a model to use for image, NFT, and video display in the gameplay environment. The result is referred to as a frame asset.

Uploading custom content for use with Video and Audio Streaming behaviours is limited to The Sandbox and select partners. These features are in development for public use.

The following logic options can be applied to a frame asset in Game Maker:

For updated guidelines and creative techniques using the Frame tool, visit Frame Assets in the Asset Guide.


  • The Model's volume dimensions must be even values (i.e. 64x64x2, 120x40x6). Uneven values on any dimensions will make the asset incompatible with Game Maker's logic tools.

  • The asset must not be animated

  • Don't move or rotate the node linked to the model with the frame area. The projection is locked at the position on the model in relation to the [0,0,0] coordinate. If you move or rotate the model, the projection area won't match inside the Game Maker.

If these guidelines are not followed, the image may not display correctly, or the Game Maker may not recognize it as a proper frame asset and will not allow the display logic to be applied in Game Maker.

NFT Information

The NFT Details Display component is often used on frame assets to provide marketplace information about the displayed media:


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