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The VoxEdit home page guides you to select your language, find social media links, news updates, tutorial videos, asset templates, and three creative modules.

VoxEdit Home

When you launch VoxEdit, you'll be welcomed by the News tab.

Log In

The Log In button to connect with your account is at the top left, and your login status shows at the top right.

You do not need to log in to create and save your work.

You need to log in to upload an asset to your Workspace.

Languages and Social Media

Select a language and connect to Sandbox social media accounts at the bottom left.

It is highly recommend to join Discord to learn from and connect with the global community. It includes channels to chat with others in many languages.

See our Discord Community guide for more information.


Creating and Learning

Use the Side Bar on the left to make a selection from News, Modeler, Animator, Block, Templates, and Tutorials.

Voxels are like the atoms that are the basis for everything in The Sandbox. The Sandbox Game's terrain is made up of cubes called Blocks, which are 32x32x32 voxels. This is about half the height of a player's avatar and equal to 1 metre in each dimension.

A single plot of LAND, which is the basis for creating Experiences in The Sandbox, is 96x96x128 blocks. In the Block Editor module, you can paint custom textures on the faces of Blocks.

The Block Editor is a great space to get familiar with VoxEdit's tools in a simple paint mode and practice 2D pixel art techniques, which will improve the quality of your 3D designs.

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