Asset Name & Description

Naming an Asset

The name of your assets will heavily influence how easy they are to discover on the Marketplace and on search engines, such as Google.

The descriptions of your assets will make them more appealing to purchase as NFTs and can make your assets easier to discover in search engines.

Asset names can help you organise your production process as you track what to create, mint, and use in your Experiences.

When minting assets for the Marketplace, the name can also help creators quickly discover content they want to build with and help players find equipment they want to use in games to level up their play stats.

The asset's description can inspire creators and tell a story to match its visual tone or character, and it can make an asset easier to discover on the internet due to search engine optimisation (SEO).

Writing an Asset Description

Assets can be given a clear description that will appear on The Sandbox Marketplace. Not only will the description serve as a factor in potential buyer purchasing decisions, but it will also help your ASSET be located when it comes to search engine optimisation (SEO).

Choosing a Description for Your ASSET

  • Descriptions should be in clear English.

  • The maximum length of a description is 300 characters, but we recommend a maximum of 260 so there is enough space to translate to languages other than English.

  • Descriptions should clearly describe assets and be exciting, intriguing, or eye-catching.

  • Try to use at least two to three keywords - these are words people are likely to type into search engines. For example, the words Viking, King, Medieval, Magic and Warrior will help people looking for such ASSETs.

  • Emojis and special characters (alt codes) should be avoided.

  • Avoid numbers and dates if possible. Otherwise, they'll eat up your character limit and will not help with search engine optimisation (SEO).

  • Do not put anything like "made by Lisa" in the description. Your name (including a link to your The Sandbox profile to see more of your creations) will automatically show on the asset page separately from the description.

  • Do not place URLs/links in descriptions. They will use up your character limit and will not help people find your asset via search engine optimisation (SEO).


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