Asset Scale

Use the recommendations here to create assets in a scale that best suits builders and players.

What is The Scale of The Sandbox?

The Learn Creator Basics provides a bigger picture understanding about Scale & LAND Use in The Sandbox, including what kind of content will fit in one or more LANDs.

The Sandbox uses a scale of 1 metre = 32 voxels, which is the size of a terrain block. A player's avatar is about 2 blocks high, with some variation.

Everything in The Sandbox is built to the same scale, with few exceptions. Game Maker and VoxEdit are not designed for sizing assets up and down, so plan carefully.

Experiences are created in Game Maker in a unit called LAND, which is 96x96x128 blocks in size.

SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES Some assets may intentionally be made huge or tiny for a unique game concept, but they will have very limited use cases. Adhere to the Sandbox Game's chosen scale for the best results.



Columns will be more effective with a 1x1 meter base (32x32 voxels) and a height of at least 4 blocks (128 Voxels).

Including the block height of the asset in its name, like β€œheight 4”, β€œheight 5” or β€œheight 6” will help builders know how it will fit in an Experience.

Windows & Doors

Windows and doors need to fit in gaps equal to the scale of blocks. This means that their dimensions in voxels need to be multiples of 32 (e.g: 64x96, 128x128, etc).

A single door should be at least 2 blocks wide and 3 blocks high for medium avatars to enter.

The pivot point must be placed at the base of the window or door in a way that allows it to snap into its intended position in the gap.

Use door Templates to quickly create animated single or double door assets.


If you want to create modular stairs that work seamlessly with Blocks and have good interaction with the player’s climbing feature, please follow these guidelines:


Sometimes you will want to create climbable assets and not perfect modular blocks. Follow these parameters for your design.

  • Minimum step height: 8vox Maximum step height: 16vox

  • Minimum step depth: 16vox

  • Minimum step width: 32vox


The Asset Guide has creative recommendations for Structures & Landmarks.

Buildings with an interior space for gameplay must have enough open space inside to prevent camera clipping. Follow the guidelines below for better results.


Minimum height: 4 blocks (128 Voxels)

Standard Building

Maximum: 8x8 blocks (256x256 voxels)


Maximum height: 16 blocks (512 voxels) Minimum height: 12 blocks tall (384 voxels) Base footprint: 8x8 blocks (256 x 256 voxels)


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