Manage Files & Folders

Prevent VoxEdit File Conflicts

Each asset has to be in a specific folder. Extra files may cause conflicts. In this folder, you should have only .vxr / .vxm / .vxa / .vxb & .png files.

When you change the name of a .vxr file, it creates a new .vxa animation file as well, for every animation on that rig project. But the old files aren't re-written nor deleted from the folder.

This may be causing VoxEdit to have conflict when choosing what to use.

Cleanly Duplicate a Project

To successfully duplicate a project in a clean way that will not cause conflicts you have to :

  1. Close VoxEdit to avoid any corruption of your files.

  2. Copy your project folder, and paste it somewhere else, change its name (just to not get confused later)

  3. Enter the folder and rename the .vxr file.

  4. Rename all the .vxa animations so their names match the new name of the vxr, just copy and replace the part with the old name.

  5. Also, rename the preview image with the new name

  6. In case there are any duplicate files, delete the ones that you don't need, leaving only the ones with the new names.

Do not use special characters to name your Asset (.vxr files) your Nodes (.vxm files), nor your Animations (.vxa files)

Do not rename .vxr & .vxa files from templates, or your asset will no longer be able to take advantage of any updates!


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