Pivot Point & Alignment

Asset Alignment

The Pivot Tool (P) is used to set the pivot point, which is the origin point of a model or an asset. It is the reference point for placement, position, and rotation in the Game Maker and in the VoxEdit Animator.

A correctly placed pivot point will ensure a model behaves correctly placed in Game Maker or when built into a rig in the VoxEdit Animator. This also ensures it displays properly on The Sandbox website, where it may be an NFT on The Marketplace.

The Pivot Point on a model determines how it is placed in Game Maker and how it is positioned within a node in VoxEdit's Animator when making a compound or animated asset.

Place a model's pivot point based on the purpose of the model or asset, and it will be much more convenient to edit your asset in VoxEdit or place it in Game Maker.

In most cases, the pivot point should be at the base of the asset in Y and centered in X and Z axes. This will spawn the object directly over the surface of a block in Game Maker.

Game Maker

Assets seek the surface of a block in order to be placed and will orient based on the block face chosen when placed.



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