🧰Upload Assets to Workspaces

Upload assets from VoxEdit to your Workspace so you can prepare them for the Marketplace or discover them in your Game Maker library to build an Experience.

What is Workspaces?

Workspace is a location in your account on The Sandbox website that allows you to manage your assets. You can upload or replace your creations made in VoxEdit and find them in your Game Maker library for building Experiences using this workflow.

My Workspace

This is your Workspace home, here you will be able to see, access, and bulk manage your uploaded assets.

My Catalysts

The number and type of Catalyst NFTs you own appear here. Catalyst NFTs are burned to mint assets as NFTs and define their rarity.

Upload an Asset

Assets are uploaded by default as "not published." Once an asset is uploaded, from its page you can publish, hide, transfer ownership, or delete it using the dropdown menu beneath the asset image. You can also edit all of the custom information you created, which is noted in the step-by-step instructions below.

This process does not burn Catalyst NFTs. However, once an asset is uploaded, it can be minted using Catalysts and listed on the Marketplace.

See Mint & List Assets to Sell for more information about Catalysts and Attribute Points.

Make sure your asset is optimised to be the best version possible. Reduce face count and nodes and use texture instead of voxels when possible. View Quality Guidelines and Creative Guides for resources to improve your assets.

From VoxEdit

Before you begin, log in to your into VoxEdit using the same login credentials for your account. With the asset you want to upload open:

Asset Edit Page

Click on any asset in your Inventory to open the asset edit page. There, you can edit all of the characteristics added to the asset in the upload process.

After the asset is minted, you will not be able to change this information.

You can modify assets you've created anytime in your Workspace.

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