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Get the most out of your virtual LANDs with guidelines about using the 3D space.

What is LAND?


Launch Experience to your LAND in The Sandbox metaverse via the Experience Manager. Create a free Experience Page, locate it on your LAND on the Map, and track analytics. ❓FAQs: Experience Publishing

Don't own LAND?

You can still create a free Experience Page to share about your project and build your community with the page link!

IMPORTANT NOTE Your asset creations do NOT need to be minted as NFTs for use in your own Experiences:

The Scale of The Sandbox

A standard scale is used for the sizing of content in most Experiences, with a few exceptions for narrative purposes.

  • One LAND is 96x96x128 blocks in size.

  • One Block is 32x32x32 voxels and converts to 1 cubic metre in the real world. A medium human is about 2 blocks, or metres, tall.

  • One Voxel is the smallest unit of measurement in The Sandbox Game. Voxels are like the atoms that make up everything, giving colour and shape to assets that populate the virtual world.

Asset and Experience Sizes are Locked

For scaling and design considerations for specific asset types, explore the Asset Guide.


VoxEdit does NOT have a tool to precisely resize an entity before it's exported. There is only a simple tool to double or halve a model's size and detail in all dimensions.

Game Maker does NOT have a tool to change asset size since they are a unified scale.


The size of an Experience can NOT be changed once you've created it. Plan carefully.

Maximise LAND Efficiency

Virtual LANDs are valuable limited resources in The Sandbox allowing you to monetise Experiences and reach a larger audience, with potential for famous virtual neighbors. By carefully planning how you'll use your LAND, you may have extra LAND available to launch another Experience.


Focus on what you want to emphasise most.

Feel free to break the laws of physics.

Leverage as much 3D space as possible - go vertical!

What Fits in a 1x1 LAND?


  • Open Event Space

  • Small Town, Part of a City

  • Football Pitch

  • Tower (Β½ Eiffel Tower) or other landmark


  • Club / Enclosed Event Space

  • Small Shopping Mall

  • Small Space Station

  • Deep Cave System

  • Mansion / Gallery / Museum

1x1 LAND is Best For

Use of Space

  • 1 large, 2 medium, or 4-6 small locations

  • Experiences that can leverage vertical space


  • Using more logic, animations, or assets

  • Player accessibility (slower devices)

Not Enough LAND to Capture All of Your Ideas?

Collaborate with your virtual neighbors to launch more complex and exciting projects. Find their social links on the Map. Follow The Sandbox on socials to learn about LAND sales.

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