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Find answers to common questions about Game Jams here.

What are Game Jams?

Game Jams are popular and fun contests hosted by The Sandbox where creators compete against each other to make the best games and win exciting prizes. The games must be built using our no-code and easy-to-use Game Maker software and submitted via a form linked in the registration email sent out on the Kick-Off day of the relevant Game Jam if you signed up to participate.

How do I participate?

Game Jams are announced on Discord and our Social Media channels. All the important information, guidelines, and rules concerning the specific contests will be detailed in the Medium articles linked in these announcements. You can also find and subscribe to our Medium page here for frequent updates on everything that is happening in The Sandbox ecosystem.

If you have any additional questions regarding Game Jams, please read the rules and FAQs carefully first or consider whether the answer could be found in other areas of our Creator Portal.

If you were unable to find an answer, we are happy and ready to help you in our Discord!

Who can join the Game Jams?

Anyone can join in on the fun for a chance at our amazing prizes! All you need is a Sandbox account with a linked wallet, a good idea, and a competitive spirit.

Don’t have an account? Go here for a guide on account creation.

I am new to the Game Maker - should I participate?

Glad you asked! If you are new to The Sandbox and/or the Game Maker, there are many good reasons to participate in these contests.

  • You get motivation to push yourself to quickly learn and enhance your skills with the Game Maker software.

  • You have your first complete game ready in record-time! Maybe it will need additional work, but, without exception, Game Jams are always excellent foundations to build on.

  • If you fulfil all requirements to qualify as a valid entry, you can get feedback from professionals with a well of knowledge in game creation in The Sandbox's ecosystem.

  • You get an excellent opportunity to meet other creators with the same passions in our Discord! Feel free to discuss and ask anything about the Game Jams and the Game Maker in the designated channels.

Are teams and studios allowed?

You may work independently or in teams of up to 4 people. Rewards will be split among all wallets shared in the submission form.

If you want to make connections and find other creators to work with, we recommend that you visit our Discord.

What are my chances as a solo creator vs. teams/studios?

Do not feel discouraged as a solo creator. We have seen plenty of solo creators ranking in the Top 10 in our Game Jams.

TIP: Stay organized! Carefully plan what you need to do and when. Consider the most important aspects of creating a good game. As a solo creator, you may choose to spend less time creating assets, as this is time consuming work which has some but limited influence on your score. You can make great games using basic assets and just a few important assets created by yourself. You can also browse the Marketplace for assets to buy.

Do I need to create a lot of high quality assets to win?

The short answer is no. Artistic direction, which includes assets, is taken into account in your score, but there are many other factors taken into account. These contests are heavily focused on how well you can create a game that is interesting and enjoyable to play.

If you feel short on time, focus on creating an engaging game with good logic, fun mechanics, a good flow, and perhaps a good narrative if this is suitable for your game. You can create just the most important assets yourself and still make a visually appealing game with that and the Game Maker’s basic assets.

ASSETs and artistic direction can positively influence your score. If you are a talented VoxEdit artist or just enjoy making ASSETs and feel that you have the time, absolutely consider this aspect of game creation as well. We LOVE to see your beautiful ASSET designs and it may give you some bonus points in Wow Factor as well!

I discovered a bug after the submission deadline - can I fix it?

No, we do not allow any updates after the deadline. We expect that you plan and organize yourself so you have enough time to test your game and fix potential bugs before submitting your entry.

I made an amazing game for a Game Jam, but it did not win β€” why?

Firstly, please make sure to read all the rules and voting criteria carefully. There are many aspects that go into creating a good game. Maybe you invented an incredible mechanic, amazing ASSETs, or a thoughtful narrative, but your game fell flat because it did not feel engaging, immersive, or fun to play.

All judges from The Sandbox and The Council who vote on your games are experienced in using the Game Maker and know what makes a good game and what does not. If your game did not rank, something was missing from the overall experience.

When you submit your game through the submission form, you are also able to opt for feedback from The Council. If you do, The Council will contact you when results are out to give you feedback on your game.

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