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An avatar represents the player's identity and is a means of interaction with your creative content. Avatars can impact storytelling, engagement, and logic in an Experience.



Character is defined by the narrative, or story, and sometimes by a custom avatar to support it.

Providing custom Equipment in an Experience can be part of the storytelling, such as an astronaut suit for a space game. It's possible to set starter Equipment, but players can remove it anytime.


What is an Avatar in The Sandbox?

A player's Avatar represents them during gameplay and can be changed between Experiences via The Sandbox dashboard.

How is an Avatar Made?

The voxel models, or VXM files, that are assembled to make Avatars are built in VoxEdit. Avatar collections in The Sandbox have traits like PFP (profile picture) NFTs that are combined in many variations.

Some collections are Sandbox Originals, and some are interoperable voxel avatars you automatically own if you purchase an NFT from a participating external PFP collection.

It is not currently possible to activate a custom playable avatar you've created in VoxEdit for use in any Experience.

How to Get a Playable Avatar in The Sandbox

Free Avatars Built with pre-made parts (some colour customisable) on The Sandbox website's Avatar page

Avatars and the Game World


Player Avatars can walk on blocks and assets. Currently, assets can only walk on blocks.

When an Avatar moves through liquid blocks (at least two blocks high), they automatically swim. Swimming can be enabled or disabled by an Experience creator.

Integrate Player Avatars with Experience Logic

The Avatar tab in Global Parameters allows you to apply Tags to players' Avatars. By default, Avatar is added. You can use this tag as a target for any Behaviour or Component in the logic system for many types of interactions.


  • Enemies detecting the Avatar as a target to attack

  • Healers following the Avatar to boost health if needed

  • Detecting an Avatar at a specific location and sending a Message which can trigger a short or long sequence of logic

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