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Learn Creator Basics

Valuable information for all creators, starting with the key ingredients of an Experience and an overview of The Sandbox creative ecosystem.



The Key Ingredients of an Experience

The Sandbox is a blockchain-powered virtual environment of interactive 3D Experiences, such as games, which can take the form of whatever you can imagine. An Experience can be an expression of culture and even an extension of the real world.
Blocks Blocks are the terrain in your Experience.
Create them in VoxEdit's Block Editor by painting textures on 6 faces of a cube. Use normal and/or emissive light and set your block to be solid or liquid and its transparency level when uploading to Workspaces. Specific blocks can damage players and entities using Game Maker logic.
Entities An Entity is a type of asset used as an interactive object, such as non-player characters (NPCs), buildings, etc.
Create assets in VoxEdit or purchase User Generated Content in the Marketplace. Use templates to save time! Use Game Maker to drag and drop assets and bring them to life with logic.
Logic Every object in an Experience can be set with custom logic to govern its actions, communication with other objects, and interactive potential with players. It can also be integrated with game rules.
Game Maker's plug-and-play logic makes it easy to create Experiences with no code.
Equipment Equipment is a type of asset made with VoxEdit templates that players can wear to modify gameplay and appearance. The player's inventory includes equipment NFTs in their wallet, equipment collected during an Experience for temporary use, and collected quest items.
Avatars Avatars are the means of player interaction within Experiences and represent a player's multifaceted identity. Customise logic related to player Avatars in Game Maker.
Customise the look of your Experience Page with a logo, map logo, video, static images, animated GIFs, and descriptive text
Publish Experiences Create a free Experience Page - even if you don't own LAND! Share the link to announce your project to the world and build your community.
Connect your Experience to your virtual LAND so it can be discovered on the metaverse Map opened in the Launcher.

Integrated Ecosystem

By the end of 2023, the Marketplace will be open for all creators to sell Entities and Equipment made in VoxEdit.
Own & Earn

Creative Flow

The Sandbox Game is an ecosystem of free integrated tools to create, share, compete, publish, launch, and monetise your content with ease. Creators participate in The Sandbox in different ways depending on the type of content they make or the projects they work on.
Tools are available now to prepare for your Experience's launch day!
Don't own LAND? You can still create a free Experience Page to share about your project!

Create Assets

Create static and animated Assets using our free VoxEdit software and manage them in your Workspace. Assets can also be purchased on the Marketplace.
Players use the Marketplace to find equipment and passes to enter gated Experiences. Experience builders use the marketplace to find equipment and entities to populate their Experiences.

Create Experiences

Bring Assets to life using The Sandbox Game Maker. Plug and play logic makes it easy to build a game or any kind of Experience without knowing how to code.
If you'd like to find an agency to help build your project, search our Partner Directory.


Locate your Experience on the Metaverse Map using your LAND so players can discover it. Publish an Experience Page so it will appear in the map.
Even if you don't own LAND yet, you can create an Experience Page and share the link.
To get started, create an Experience in Game Maker. Even if it's still a work in progress, you can find it in your inventory on The Sandbox website and click on it to open the Experience Manager and begin preparing for the publishing process.


By the end of 2023, you'll be able to choose when your Experience will be live and what players need to access it. Some Experiences may be free and some may require ownership of an NFT or ownership of an Avatar from a specific collection to grant access.
To publish an Experience on the Map, you must locate it on virtual LAND you own. You must also own all entities, or assets, used in your Experience. Some of these may be NFTs being sold on the Marketplace that you've tested but haven't purchased yet. The Experience Manager will help you verify all of the details to simplify your launch!

Own & Earn

You own your creative content in The Sandbox, meaning you have the right to share it for free or monetise. See:
On the Marketplace you can purchase Assets others create to use in your Experiences. You can also create assets in VoxEdit and use them in your own Experiences without minting them as NFTs.
The Marketplace does not provide a way to purchase Experiences, but it is possible to transfer Experiences from your Inventory on The Sandbox website. This method is often used by studios or independent creators who are building Experiences for LAND owners.
RECOMMENDED Review our documentation on Collaboration Security. Learn about Common Scams & Tactics since some may target creators or LAND owners seeking to collaborate on a project or hire creators.


Connecting a cryptocurrency wallet to your account at The Sandbox is the first step to unlock monetisation potential:
Attract players with free to play Experiences Future: Charge a small SAND fee in other Experiences, and reward your community with Play&Earn events
Connect an Experience to your LAND's location on the metaverse Map Now: Apply for early access to launch your Experiences
Build Experiences faster with User Generated Content from other creators Future: Boost Asset Rarity & set Attributes, sell tokens as passes for gated Experiences


Connecting a wallet also allows you to receive prizes when participating in Game Jams or VoxEdit contests.