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The Key Ingredients of an Experience

The Sandbox is a blockchain-powered virtual environment of interactive 3D Experiences, such as games, which can take the form of whatever you can imagine. An Experience can be an expression of culture and even an extension of the real world.

Blocks Blocks are the terrain in your Experience.

Create them in VoxEdit's Block Editor by painting textures on 6 faces of a cube. Use normal and/or emissive light and set your block to be solid or liquid and its transparency level when uploading to Workspaces. Specific blocks can damage players and entities using Game Maker logic.

Entities An Entity is a type of asset used as an interactive object, such as non-player characters (NPCs), buildings, etc.

Create assets in VoxEdit or purchase User Generated Content in the Marketplace. Use templates to save time! Use Game Maker to drag and drop assets and bring them to life with logic.

Logic Every object in an Experience can be set with custom behaviour and component logic to govern its actions, communication with other objects, and interactive potential.

Objects communicate with Objectives (quests) and Game Rules to create variety of polished, unique gameplays without code.

Equipment Equipment is a type of asset made with VoxEdit templates that players can wear to modify gameplay and appearance. The player's inventory includes equipment NFTs in their wallet, equipment collected during an Experience for temporary use, and collected quest items.

Avatars Avatars are the means of player interaction within Experiences and represent a player's multifaceted identity. Customise logic related to player Avatars in Game Maker.

Publish Experiences Create a free Experience Page - even if you don't own LAND! Use the link to share your project with the world and build community.

Connect your Experience to your virtual LAND so it can be discovered on the metaverse Map opened in the Launcher. Use built in Experience Analytics to see your page and Experience traffic over time.

Integrated Ecosystem

The Marketplace now empowers creators to Mint & Sell NFTs made in VoxEdit, and Game Maker allows you to design exclusive gameplay accessible to your NFT holders. Learn more about Monetisation.

Creative Flow

The Sandbox Game is an ecosystem of free integrated tools to create, share, compete, publish, launch, and monetise your content with ease. Creators participate in The Sandbox in different ways depending on the type of content they make or the projects they work on.

We have all the tools you need to create an Experience from start to finish and a comprehensive Game Production Guide to help you manage your project workflow.

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