Action / Adventure

Action / Adventure games involve navigation and active participation to complete objectives and achieve an overall goal.

The Sandbox Game Maker has many new tools, including the Game Rules system, to combine with the Objectives system for quests (formerly called "Rules") and new or enhanced object logic (behaviours and components) to design a spectacular world to explore.

Variations of Action

Beat 'em Up: Players engage in hand-to-hand combat against waves of enemies.

Hack and Slash: Intense combat with a focus on defeating numerous foes.

Platformer (includes Parkour): Players navigate levels, overcoming obstacles and enemies.

Variations of Adventure

Point-and-Click: Emphasis on exploration and puzzle-solving through mouse interaction.

Survival Horror: Combines elements of horror and survival, often with limited resources.

Metroidvania: Non-linear exploration, interconnected levels, and character upgrades.

Variations of Fighting

Traditional Fighting: One-on-one combat with a focus on combos and special moves.

Beat 'em Up (Fighting Adventure): Fighting within a broader narrative and exploration context.

Versus Fighting: Multiplayer-focused competitive combat.

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