This is the first wave of debugging tools in development for Game Maker so you can troubleshoot your logic more efficiently.


  • Display Collision Colliders to avoid weird physics

  • Display Render Bounds to avoid inaccurate renderings of assets

Message Inspector

Save time building and troubleshooting!

  • Search for a specific message to see every way it is sent or received in your Experience.

  • Focus on an object or rule using it with a single click.


Confirm your Experience matches your expectations.

  • Ensure assets, logic, and blocks in your experience maximize gaming performance.

  • Messages are logged in the Activity Logger, so you can track validator runs over time.

Logic Counter

Count how many objects in your Experience use certain behaviours or components to maintain optimal performance.

Rules: Logger

Rules communicate with object logic, so you'll need to play through your Experience and trigger the objects that you wish to communicate with Rules you are debugging and gather data in the Logger. First, however, you'll need to enable specific Rules or Rulesets for debugging.

  1. Open the Rules Hierarchy dropdown in the bottom right of the Game Rules window.

  2. Close the Game Rules window and click the Debug button on the Top Bar and click Logger (keep it open).

  3. Press TAB to play through the logic you want to test in your Experience.

  4. Press TAB again to return to the Editor. The logger will now include a list of messages sent and Rules triggered so you can see where there's a break in the communications and make a correction.

The following tools are useful for playtesting and debugging, but are not located in the Debug menu.

Performance Profiler

Note: This item is not in the Debug menu, but may be used with other debug tools for testing.

Visualize real-time performance (press F11)

  • Frames per second, CPU and RAM usage, and real time GPU performance assessment during play.

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