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Buttons from the previous user interface have been moved into the new menu bar.


Save (CTRL+S) - save your Experience, which overwrites the previous save.

There is no 'save as' feature for versioning, but you can duplicate an Experience in the Game Maker home screen.

Main menu (CTRL+H) - returns you to the Game Maker home screen, reminding you to save first.

Quit to Desktop (ALT+F4) - closes Game Maker, reminding you to save first.


Undo (CTRL+Z) - undo up to 15 actions backward.

Redo (CTRL+Y) - redo up to 15 actions forward.

Settings - Control screen settings and resolution, SFX and Music volume, access your Experience's list of messages, view the builder and play controls lists, and view licenses info.

Messages List

Click Check List to open a list of messages used in your Experience. You may click the checkbox next to any messages and remove them, or clear the whole list so only the default messages remain.

Controls List

Click Check List to open the Controls list. Use the dropdown to choose between the lists of controls for Builder or Play modes.


Create Experience Page - Open the Experience Manager to create a free page about your Experience. Use the link on social media to bring attention to your project. If your Experience is published to the Map, a play button will appear on the page.

Publish on the Map - Locate your Experience on the Map if you own LAND. You'll be able to customise the look of your Experience with graphic and text details, and you may even be able to get it featured by The Sandbox.

Share in Gallery - Share your Experience in the Gallery for free if you don't own LAND, are seeking feedback from the community, or you're submitting your creation to a Game Jam.

About Sharing

Sharing to the Drafts Gallery is free, and a great way to get feedback before you publish an Experience to LANDin the metaverse.

All Assets in your Experience must be owned NFTs in your connected wallet (see Wallet: Choose, Connect) or your own creations published in your Workspace before you can share your Experience to the Drafts Gallery.


  • In the Publish menu, click Share in Gallery

  • Enter the Name of your experience and description. You can use rich text formatting.

  • Click the Multiplayer Experience checkbox if your Experience is multiplayer

  • Click the Share button

Use the search feature. Your Experience will appear based on the creation date, not the day you shared it. It may not be on page 1.

Change the Name or Description

Share your Experience again to update any details.

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