Player Settings

Customise the player avatar, equipment, damage, and death settings.


The Player Settings window has been simplified to contain settings to apply to all players. Settings relate to individual players (and teams) are now located in Spawn Point behaviour.

Avatar Tab

Player's Avatar or Custom Avatar

In the Select Your Avatar dropdown, choose between the Player's Avatar, which is chosen by players on The Sandbox dashboard or Custom Avatar.

For a Custom Avatar, select any Asset in your Game Maker Library to assign. Any custom Assets you've created in VoxEdit must be Uploaded to your Workspace in order to appear in the Library. You can also set the Avatar's name to fit your Experience narrative.

To display the player's username in your Experience's dialogue, add a Speaker Component or Asker Behaviour to an object and type <PLAYER> into the text field. It will display properly in play mode.


This list includes Tags applied to the player(s) of your Experience. You may add more Tags, but by default Avatar is added and can be used throughout your logic setup.

Starter Equipment

Select Equipment items players will be wearing in each Equipment slot at the start of the Experience.

There is no way to force players to keep certain equipment on. It can be removed at any time.

Controller Tab

The Controller tab includes options to modify the Behavior and Components of the Avatar and select a controller type.

Adventure/RPG is the only available controller option at this time.


The Sandbox Team has thoroughly tested and chosen default settings that lead to the most natural feeling gameplay and locked them for use in most Experiences.

Unlock the settings in this section by setting a custom avatar in the Avatar Tab. This allows you to modify the game feel and the Avatar's basic capabilities.

Custom avatars are used mainly for single player Experiences where overriding the player's choice of Avatar is done to support the narrative.

Scroll down the list of controls in the left side of the Behaviour tab to toggle Swimming, Oxygen, and Fall Damage on or off for your experience. This can not be modified during play.

Swimming When swimming is enabled in your Experience, players will switch to swim mode automatically if they pass through liquid blocks at least two blocks deep.


Health is currently the only available Component for the Avatar.

In the Components section, you can modify the Health Component of the Avatar or delete it. This allows you to customise gameplay based on the status of the Avatar.

Respawn Tag Use this to have the player respawn at an object's location where this tag exists.

Death Event

  • Reset (Restarts Experience)

  • Respawn to Tag (Send To Tags field)

  • GameOver (Defeat)

Instant Death Message A Message the Avatar is constantly listening for, which will kill it immediately when received.

Death Delay NOTE: Set value to -2 to skip the death animation.

Invincible If true, the Avatar will NOT take damage or be killed.

Message Sent on Death Send a Message when the player dies. Set up creative consequences for death. Broadcast Range on Death is in the slider. Broadcast Type on Death is a dropdown to choose where to send the message.

Damaging Blocks Choose specific blocks from your Library to damage the player. Blocks Damage The amount of health the player will lose by touching the specified blocks.

Healing Blocks Choose specific blocks from your Library to heal the player. Blocks Heal The amount of health the player will gain by touching the specified blocks.

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