🧹Need to Simplify?

Have you made something that has become too complex? Let's look at ways to simplify and optimize assets for better utility during play.

Most assets do not need to push the boundaries of The Sandbox Game's recommended guidelines. Strive for the most efficient design as much as possible, except for rare assets such as a kinetic art piece, where more elaborate detail adds value.

Review VoxEdit Quality Guidelines for resources on making higher quality assets to avoid the need to simplify later.

Don't start over! Make a copy of your asset so you can try a few ideas below to simplify the design. View the face count and show the rig to find opportunities to simplify your asset.

You can improve your asset by reducing the face count and node count, but it may be difficult to decide where to begin. The suggestions below will help you find where adjustments can be made.

Reduce 3D Geometry, Add 2D Texture

The easiest way to optimize is to reduce the amount of 3D extrusions and add detail and depth with 2D texturing. Learn more:

🟒pageOptimize with Texture

Look for "Noise" and Minimize

Particle effects with voxels should be very simple or not used at all.

Every voxel that stands alone in your design adds 6 faces, which quickly adds up. They can also make your core design more difficult to see clearly through the noise.


Game Maker now offers over 100 visual effects that Experience builders can apply to objects and sometimes player Avatars.

Many VFX have customization options like color, size, motion, etc., which Experience creators will likely prefer to purchasing assets with voxel particles built in. However, a minimalist use of particles may improve aesthetics for some assets.

Reduce Nodes by Combining Models on a Similar Grid

You don't need a separate model for every visible part of your design. If models will have similar motion and align to a similar grid, combine them into a single model and link it to one node.

Vary the 3D depth of each visible part in the combined model to make it appear less simple.

Reduce the Length of Animations and Number of Keyframes

Reducing the length of animations and number of keyframes also makes assets more efficient for gameplay because it reduces calculations needed.

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