Animator Library & Inspector Panels

Library Panel

The VoxEdit Library includes all models available for use in the entity, which are .VXM files.

To link a VXM model to your rig, drag and drop it from the Library to a node in the Viewport or in the Skeleton Panel. This will make it visible as part of your entity in the Viewport. This model will now folllow the position and rotation of the nodel it is linked to.

You can click the three dots button to open a main menu to create a new VXM, import a VXM, import a VOX, delete all models that are not linked to the nodes in the Skeleton Panel, and delete backup models.

High frequency controls have their own buttons, including a pencil to edit (without seeing the ghost of your other models for reference), a duplicate button, a trashcan button to delete, and a popout button to move the panel on your screen outside of VoxEdit's main window.

Shared Palettes

VoxEdit allows for multiple palettes per compound asset (only one can be applied per model). It easy to apply a palette across many models in one compound asset.

Modifying palettes 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 will change colours across any models where the palette is applied.

Inspector Panel

Position and Rotation

Adjust the position and rotation of selected nodes:

  • Type in values

  • Use arrows to adjust

  • Reset values

Node Collider Toggle

For one or more selected nodes:

  • Clicking the checkmark to make it grey turns collisions off

  • Clicking the checkmark to turn it blue turns collisions on

Upload the asset to Workspaces and test collisions in Game Maker to ensure this setting matches your expectations.

Inverse kinematics

For one or more selected nodes

  • Includes controls to modify settings for IK mode, which allows child nodes to pull parent nodes (rather than the default parent pulling the child when nodes are moved)

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