Animator Menus

Learn how to open the Modeler and about its user interface for creating Models. These can be used as Simple Entities or reused in Compound or Animated Entities.

Open the Animator

In VoxEdit's Home screen, select the Animator in the left menu to begin a new project. You can create a new asset, open one from your files, import a file in VOX format, or access recent files by selecting a thumbnail.

Interface Overview

The Animator interface includes 7 main areas. Select an option below for an explanation of the interface in detail:

Access the File, Edit, Help, and Feedback menus.

Toolbar for manipulating your project's Nodes in the Viewport's 3D space.

Skeleton - the asset's structure, or rig, built as a hierarchy of parent and child nodes. Viewport - the 3D space used to pose your rig's models or create motion keyframes when used with with the Timeline Panel.

A tool used to define the motion of an asset's nodes/models over time for multiple animation states (walk, dance, etc). It can be used with node/model changes in the Viewport to create motion keyframes.

Tool Tips Bar Hover over any tools in VoxEdit for a short description.

Manage Models associated with your project and manage details about Nodes including orientation and motion.


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