Modeler Dropdown Menu

The Modeler has a full set of options in the Dropdown menu to manage your project.



  • Keyboard Shortcuts list

  • Select a Colour Theme

    • Highlight colour

    • Background colour options: Dark, Mid Dark, Blue, Purple, and Gray.

Open Asset Folder

Open a new window of the folder on your computer containing the files for the project that is currently open.


Update the saved version of the project.

Save As

Create a new set of files for the project with a new name, which is helpful for versioning, saving iterations you can compare, and creating variations of our design.


Export a Model in OBJ, DAE, GLTF, and VOX formats.

Upload to my Workspace is how you will prepare your VoxEdit creations for testing and use in games.

Reset to Default

Restore all settings you may have customised, such as your chosen theme.


  • Undo

  • Redo

  • Cut

  • Copy

  • Paste

  • Select All

  • Deselect All

  • Invert Selection

  • Save Selected Voxels

WORKFLOW TIP Save Selected Voxels is a fast workflow option to Breakdown Objects.


Help opens VoxEdit documentation in a browser.


Feedback opens a form to submit feedback to the team about bugs, comments, or ideas to improve the software.

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