4️⃣0.4 [12/23/2020]

0.4 [12/23/2020]

​December 23th, 2020 - Game Maker 0.4

  • Avatar

    • You can now customize the avatar’s behavior, components, camera and model by going into the new GLOBAL PARAMETERS button. You also get access to this menu by clicking on the AVATAR SETTINGS button in the inspector while selecting the Avatar’s portal.

    • Avatar: In this menu, you can select which avatar’s type is spawned and add tags to it.

    • Camera: In this menu, you can easily change the camera views and customize each value to make the camera you want.

    • Controller: In this menu, you can change the avatar’s behavior values and add / remove components.

    • Lighting: In this menu, you can easily change between different lighting atmospheres.

  • Global Game Maker Improvements

    • The terraform tool is now easier to use. More options have also been added to it.

    • The way you place the assets in the experience has also been improved to allow you to easily add and manage your assets position and rotation.

  • Library

  • Selection Window

  • New Message System

  • Rules Window

  • Quest System V2

    • The new Quest System allows you to fully customize the Quests

    • New options have been added to allow more customization and quests that have been done before should be easier to do now.

    • Timer Objective has been improved

  • Indicator Component

    • LifeBar color parameter has been removed to provide a more consistent User Experience within all Metaverse Experiences.

    • Objective Cursor parameter has been removed to provide a more consistent User Experience within all Metaverse Experiences.

    • The Quest Cursors are now split in 3 parameters: Giver, Objective, Receiver

  • Presets

  • Tags

  • Publish

  • Behaviors and Components

  • New Balancing & Grades

    • The balancing has been reworked to provide a better difficulty. Each object has now its difficulty mainly driven by its Catalyst and also its Gems.

    • Each Object has a Grade displayed next to its Lifebar. This Grade represents the Catalyst of the Object and the amount of Gems inside it. Thanks to this, Players can now identify the power of an Object easily.

  • New Melee Enemy

    • The Enemy fighter behavior has been automatically replaced by the Melee Enemy behavior.

    • This behavior follows the same intentions as the previous one but has been improved to make the fights much more enjoyable.

    • A targeting system has been added to make your attacks move your avatar towards the enemies, removing a previous frustrating experience with this.

  • Quest Icons

    • Quest can be started: Gold β€œ!”

    • Quest’s Objective: Gold Target Icon

    • Quest can be finished: Gold β€œ?”

  • Inventory & Equipment

  • Known Issues

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