5️⃣0.5 [10/02/2021]

0.5 [10/02/2021]

February 10th, 2021 - Game Maker 0.5.0GAME MAKER IMPROVEMENTS

  • GLOBAL GAME MAKER IMPROVEMENTSOur main focus with this version was all about performance. We’ve still got ways to go before we can provide the absolute best experience possible but we’ve made quite a few changes in our architecture and you will be able to notice:

    • Faster loading and response times of the Game Maker Tools

    • Improved performance on different types of PC’s

    • Improved performance on bigger experiences with a large amount of assets

  • LIBRARY IMPROVEMENTSWe’ve reworked the Library internal structure from scratch, in order to make it faster and smoother when loading and utilizing it. You will notice a big improvement from the previous version.

  • LIGHTING PRESETSWe’ve added a new Neutral Lighting preset, in case you don’t want to use any of our current lighting options. We’ve also improved on the already existing presets, eliminating refraction errors on light surfaces as well as correcting color emanation.

  • BEHAVIORSWe’ve fixed some of the behaviors to make better use of our technical stack. Most of our known issues regarding the behavior system have been successfully addressed.

  • NEW TEMPLATESWe’ve added three new experience templates for you to use and learn more about the Game Maker:

    • Logic - Behaviours: An experience that lets you test out the different behaviors we have and different ways to use them

    • Logic - Victory and Defeat: understand the basics of Victory and Defeat conditions in your game

    • Logic - Counter Quest: learn how to make a Death Counter and Collection Counter quest

  • We’ve also added another 8 new experience templates without any logic for you to use as starting points:

    • Landscape - Desert 1x1 / Forgotten Wasteland

    • Landscape - Desert 2x2 / Barren Night

    • Landscape - Forest 1x1 / Woodlands

    • Landscape - Forest 2x2 / Dusk Forest

    • Landscape - Tropical Volcano 1x1 / Adventure Island

    • Landscape - Ice Cave 1x1 / Ice Grotto

    • Landscape - Lake Shores 1x1 / Lake Shores

    • Landscape - The Block 1x1 / The Block


  • CHAT BUBBLES (MULTIPLAYER)We’ve added Chat Bubbles on top of the Avatar head. Whenever you or someone else types out something in the chat you’ll see a chat bubble on top of their heads if you are close enough to them. This is our first iteration of the feature, we’re planning on revamping the UI for the next release

  • NFT INSPECTFrom the Inventory, you will be able to access a new Tab called NFT, here you can see a full list of NFT’s and ASSETS used inside an experience and identify what are the trending assets all creators are using.

  • FIGHTING SYSTEM UI & VFXWe’re constantly improving on our Avatar, Enemy and Combat Systems. This time we’ve added Visual queues to attacks that show damage numbers when hitting an enemy as well as blocking. We’ve also added and improved upon existing VFX to make combat queues much more clear.

  • UI IMPROVEMENTSWe’ve made some UI/UX improvements across the board. We’ve added pop-ups, improved windows current flows and fixed issues with some screens that were not working optimally.

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